First foster placement!

I briefly began the story of our first foster placement.  This “placement” was from the very moment I saw her my baby girl.  We had been licensed for a mere two weeks when we received a call from a neighboring county.  They had a little girl who was born a week earlier, and was being removed from her mother because of addiction issues.  We immediately said yes, and asked if we could go to the hospital and visit.  The little girl “Annie”(made up name) would have to stay in the hospital a couple of more weeks they thought to begin the process of weaning her off drugs.  We went to the hospital that night stopping along the way to pick up a teddy bear blankie.  After a short approval process we were taken back to see Annie, because we didn’t have a regular room we were put in a room that was about the size of a broom closet with one rocking chair.  The moment I saw this little girl I began to cry.  I truly believed that the events of the past few years had led us to this moment.  This little girl had not had a single visitor in the week that she had been in the hospital.  We would be the first non-hospital staff to hold her.  She had scratch marks on her face where she would convulse while detoxing off of the drugs that were put into her system.  They placed her in my wife’s arms first and I watched amazed.  My wife held her for a good while before placing her in my arms.  I wrote earlier that the moment I saw her I knew she would be my little girl.  I know that goes against everything in the foster care system, but nothing has ever felt more right than that.  I held her and consoled her as her body longed for a substance that she could not have.  I could have held her all night, but we came pretty unprepared to stay long.  We stayed about four hours that night before we headed home.  The next day we got up and headed back to the hospital, which was about an hour and a half drive each way.  We planned to stay the whole day, and did just that about ten hours.  We were allowed to feed her and bathe her, and she seemed to be a little calmer.  We spoke to one of the nurses and she informed us that she was doing better in the detox process.  She would have to be free of the medicine for at least 24 hours before they would discuss releasing her.  We spent the whole day Sunday at the hospital as well, and again the nurses noted great improvements and thought she may be able to leave by the end of that week.  We were a little sad with returning to work on Monday because it would not be possible for us to visit each day, so we were so excited(and a little scared) when we got a call around noon that they were going to pick Annie up from the hospital and she would be waiting on us!  We quickly set up a home for Annie in our room and brought her home.  We were told due to the drugs that she was born addicted to, to expect her to cry a lot and sleep very little.  Boy were those people wrong!  Of the three children in our home she has always been the best sleeper!  From the night we brought her home she would only wake up once a night to eat, and from a month on she was sleeping through the night….I knew I loved this child! I feel like I am rambling now so I will have to finish Annie’s story in another post, or two.  Almost two years is a long time to cover in a quick story!


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